Calgary Catholic Campus Ministry

 ASH Wednesday Service 
 Where:  Ash Wednesday Service at 11 am , Jenkins Theater ,( Room115) F Wing, Near Book Store

Welcome to the Diocese of Calgary, Catholic Campus Ministry. Bishop Fredrick Henry has appointed Rev Sajo Jacob to serve as Chaplian for both Mount Royal University and SAIT Polytechnic. Campus ministry involves a variety of activities including, Sacramental, Pastoral and Social. Activities are intended to enhance the local community of believers in both personal and spiritual ways. All are invited to join this Catholic community for regularly scheduled spiritual and social events.

Please provide Fr Sajo with your contact information and you will be added to the news letter distribution list.

"As a bishop, I am frequently asked "what is Catholicism?". You would think that this is an easy question to answer - I wish that it admitted of a simple pre-packaged response but it doesn't.

Catholicism is a body of beliefs and a way of life. Catholicism is also an optic, a way of seeing things, a distinctive perspective of reality. You can describe it in many ways. You can call it the "Catholic both/and": nature and grace, faith and works, faith and reason, charismatic and institutional, visible and invisible. You can in its broadest terms call it "Catholic culture". However, it is not something you simply argue yourself into. Rather it's something you experience aesthetically as well as intellectually, with emotions as well as the mind, through friendships and worship and experiences beyond-words as well as through arguments and syllogism.

Catholicism is about imagination and a habit of being, habit of seeing things in depth, as they are and for what they are. It is about understanding history as His-story. Learning to see things aright here and now is how we become the kind of people who can see, and love God forever." 

Peace, Bishop Henry

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     His Excellency Bishop Most. Rev.Willian               Mcgrattan, Calgary Diocese