Calgary Catholic Campus Ministry


Message from the Chaplain

Fr. Sajo      Its my pleasure to be with you at the campus. First up all, I want to thank Bishop Frederick Henry for initiating this ministry for us. I am pretty sure that his wisdom to have a campus ministry at both campuses, Mount Royal and SAIT will bring fruits of God’s love and justice in our community. I consider this auspicious occasion to cooperate with his mission as a privilege to me.
I want to welcome each and every one of you to our community. As we know that life at the campus is very busy and hectic. Life becomes miserable sometimes with assignments and commitments in our educational pursuit. In the midst of stress and tensions, We have to spend sometimes being with our God, sharing our happiness, worries and trials with Him. It will bring in our lives more energy for our mind and body. God wants to be with us in pursuit of our wisdom and knowledge which ultimately help us to know God more and more. Its, some times, very difficult to discern God’s plan in our life but when we are with Him, His plan will be unfolded in our lives.
Well, as we are in campus doing our studies we have our dreams and aspirations. It's great indeed. If you dream alone its only a dream but when we dream with God, that is the beginning of the reality in our lives. So let us learn to dream with God. God wants to be with us, with our missions and visions, with our hope and aspirations, with our activities and ventures. So let us be with God as He is with us. When we are with God, Great things will happen in our lives. So Welcome to our community to be with God and His people.

Fr.Sajo Jacob